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Silence Complete Reviews: Lloyd Greenfield Supplement Report

May 8, 2018 Comments Off on Silence Complete Reviews: Lloyd Greenfield Supplement Report

When you start hearing noises inside your ears, like ringing or roaring, while there seems to be no sources in your immediate surrounding, you may be having Tinnitus. About 1 in 5 people are affected by it and is a sign of something much worse. If it isn’t caused by something else entirely it still makes everyone affected by it annoyed. However, there is a cure.

Silence Complete is a technological breakthrough that promises to cure the cause of tinnitus. The problem is within the human brain and Silence Complete will let those affected by tinnitus experience peace and quiet once more.

Silence Complete Overview

Silence Complete is the ultimate remedy against tinnitus that’s caused by your brain cells not being able to communicate properly. Tinnitus is a symptom of an impending Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease and Silence Complete remedies all of them by repairing brain cells and make them communicate well again. It also keeps your brain cells healthy, which makes sure that your brain is protected from disease.

The product is make up of natural, quality ingredients, carefully processed into an easy-to-swallow pill. As a supplement, this can be taken without prescription.

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Information and Claims of Silence Complete

The secret behind Silence Complete is a combination of natural ingredients. Lloyd Greenfield, a 56-year old medical librarian in Stanford, California, was suffering from tinnitus and sought for help. None of the experts he worked with was able to discover anything except that tinnitus was a brain problem, specifically about neurons not being able to communicate with each other properly.

He wasn’t able to find any solution until he met Dr. Steven Campbell, another sufferer of tinnitus, who was an ear specialist. Dr. Campbell taught Mr. Greenfield the secret other doctors have been using to treat their own tinnitus for years using nothing but natural ingredients. With this list of ingredients, the two decided to create a supplement that is able to relieve and cure the network problems in the brain that’s causing tinnitus. This is Silence Complete.

How Does it Work and Ingredients List

Silence Complete works by fixing the brain’s network by calming the nervous system, which slowly stops tinnitus. After a few days of use, the user will stop experiencing tinnitus entirely as the supplement continues to help repair damaged brain cells and keep other brain cells healthy. This repairs the damaged brain network and prevents further damage, protecting it from other possible brain diseases.

The ingredients for this remarkable product includes:

  • Hibiscus and hawthorne berry. This stops the ringing by making the nervous system calm down and stops any panic attacks users may experience.
  • Olive leaves. They make the networks of brain cells stronger, hence protect the brain.
  • Niacin or B3. Repairs the damaged brain cells. It also prevents further damage, in the process preventing Alzheimer’s and memory loss.
  • Garlic. It protects the person from dementia and improves memory.
  • Combination of green tea, juniper berry, uva ursi, and vitamin C. These protect your brain from deterioration due to old age and rejuvenates the brain cells.

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Is Silence Complete a Scam? Does it really work?

There are a lot of reviews online that say that Silence Complete really works. Many users commented on how well Silence Complete worked. There are however, a number of articles online that say Silence Complete is a scam.


  • It is made from all natural ingredients.
  • People can take it without prescription since it is a supplement.
  • It targets the root cause of tinnitus.
  • It’s an easy-to-swallow pill.
  • It guaranteed to work fast.


  • It can only be bought online.
  • Results may vary among individuals.


  • How do I use it? Just take the supplement twice a day. The best time to take it is in the morning so you can benefit from the nutrients all day.
  • Any precautions? Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before taking this supplement.
  • How much time to see improvement? Results may vary between individuals but you may see results only after a few days of intake.
  • Any Possible Side Effects? There are currently no known side-effects.

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Silence Complete Price and Where to Buy?

You can order Silence Complete from here for just $69.00 per bottle. However, there’s also a promo that sells 6 bottles for $294.00. That’s $20 off for each bottle. There’s also a set of 3 bottles for just $177.00, which takes $10 off from each bottle.

Silence Complete Final Decision

Silence Complete seems like something out of science fiction. But the results and comments given by many of its happy users are proof that this product definitely works. So if you have tinnitus and none seems to have worked for you up till now, this might be worth trying

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